Happy Earth Day!

Since its founding in 2015, one of the core values of The Hoarding Marmot has been to promote environmental advocacy and education. We do this every day by giving new life to old gear and keeping it out of the landfill. This year on Earth Day, an international day for action on environmental protection, we are proud to announce a new partnership with one of Alaska’s foremost environmental advocacy groups, Trustees for Alaska.

Trustees for Alaska is a homegrown nonprofit public interest environmental law firm established in 1974. They provide legal services to protect and defend public lands, waterways, wildlife, wild foods, clean air and water, and communities. Trustees work for a variety of clients who bravely fight for their rights and natural resources, including local and national conservation groups, Native villages, Alaska communities, citizen groups, statewide coalitions, hunting and fishing groups, and individual Alaskans.

Now you can support Trustees for Alaska by shopping and consigning at The Hoarding Marmot.

Trustees have their own consignment account, which anyone can donate to, and the majority of the proceeds from items on the account will be donated directly to the organization. If you’d like to donate anything, just head over to our consignment desk and let them know you’d like to donate items to the account for Trustees of Alaska.

We hope that our customers and consignors will take advantage of this partnership to support Trustees and the amazing work they do. This is only the beginning, so look forward to seeing more collaboration in the future, and have a happy Earth Day!

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