How to Consign Your Gear


Drop Off Your Items

Take a left once you walk in the front door. Keep going until you get to the consignment desks on your right hand side. Fill out a Consignor Contract (if you haven’t already) which can be viewed here. 


Items We Are Looking For

Everything needs to be CLEAN (no dog hair, smells, mud, etc.), WORKING (nothing broken please!), and COMPLETE (make sure all the parts are there). Please be aware that we are seasonal.

-- Mountaineering- ice axes, crampons, mountaineering boots, tents, expedition clothing, snow shoes, pickets

-- Climbing hardware- cams, nuts, carabiners, shoes, helmets and harnesses under 5 years, NOT ropes, slings

-- Camping gear- tents, sleeping bags, stoves, pot sets

-- Water sports- drysuits, waders, packrafts, kayaks, paddles, paddle boards, skirts, wetsuits

-- Modern navigation and communication- newer GPS units, inReach, SPOT locators, high end Garmin watches

-- Accessories- knives, multi-tools, binoculars, bear spray, compasses

-- Backpacking- Backpacks, trekking poles, stuff sacks, ultralight drybags, pack covers

-- Kid’s outdoor gear- Chariot/Burley/Thule style wheel/ski kits, kid carriers

-- Bikes- fat bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes seasonally, bike accessories, pogies

-- Dog accessories- booties, skijour gear, harnesses, pfd's, jackets

-- Newer car racks- no more than 5 year old ski rack, kayak, bike

-- Footwear- hiking shoes, rain boots, running shoes, warm winter boots

-- High quality outdoor gear- tops, bottoms, jackets, hats, gloves

-- Ski/snowboard- backcountry skis with bindings, 10 year or newer downhill skis with indemnified bindings, poles, tech bindings, boots               newer than 10 years, skins, helmets newer than 5 years, goggles

-- Avalanche gear- shovel, probe, saws, snow science gear, NO BEACONS


We may consider items not listed above, even if it is out of season. But please give us a call or send us an email if it’s a big or cumbersome item before you bring it into the shop.  We do not want to cause any inconvenience for you or our staff with items not suitable for the shop.



Consignment split for the consignor (YOU!) depends on the selling price of an item:

-- 50% of the selling price for items that sell for $50 or less

-- 60% of the selling price for items that sell for $50.01-$500

-- 70% of the selling price for items that sell for $500.01-$1000

-- 80% of the selling price for items that sell for $1000.01 or more

You get a 10% BONUS on your money if you choose to use your store credit (vs. getting a check) when purchasing items in the store!


If You'd Like to Know More

Items We Are Not Looking For

-- Team sports equipment– baseball, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, etc.

-- Vinyl air mattresses– usually by brands like Coleman and are intended for home use or blown up with a 12 volt pump

-- Old downhill/alpine skis/boards/boots– if it’s 10 or more years old it might be time to make that ski/board fence/bench or flower pot you’ve always wanted! Note that vintage gear (pre ~1980) will be considered

-- SCUBA gear

-- Old kiting/paragliding equipment

-- Incomplete gear- stuff that is missing key components, is damaged or otherwise in an unsafe condition

-- Safety equipment over 5 years old- climbing/biking helmets, harnesses, etc


Pricing Items

You are welcome to suggest a reasonable selling price for your item at the time of dropoff based on age, condition and current market value.  Ultimately we are happy to price your item(s) based on how much we have sold similar items for in the past. We generally start off at about 50% off of retail unless they are very new and in high demand, or very old/used and in low demand. 


Important Details

-- Items are subject to a DISCOUNT of 25% if unsold after 30 days, and further discounts after 60 days.

-- Seasonal items may be subject to END OF SEASON SALES; you will get an email about this. Contact us if you don’t want your items included.

-- After 180 days OR the end of season date for seasonal items (April 15 and September 15) you will have 1 week to collect any unsold items or they will become the property of the store. Some exceptions can be made.

-- Once priced, items must REMAIN in the store for 30 days before you can take them back, if unsold.

-- You are welcome to PROVIDE a list with suggested selling prices but ultimately the store determines the selling price.

-- Some SEASON-SPECIFIC ITEMS may have shorter terms if they are dropped off at the end of the season. These will be discussed on an item- by- item basis.

-- A CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT with the most recent terms will be available to sign before consigning your items.

-- Terms are subject to CHANGE.

-- A COPY OF YOUR CONTRACT with the information outlined above can be downloaded here. You must fill one out upon dropping off your first items for consignment.  


Seasonal Shifts

We are a small shop and do our best to keep our inventory appropriate for the current season.  We look for quality winter goods and gear September through March while we take summer goods April through August. Although we may take seasonal items at other times of the year expect us to be much more selective. Some items are multi-seasonal.


Trade/Purchase Outright

We do not offer trades or outright purchase of any items at any time.